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handy men

do they exist in our generation?

Not growing up with men in my family has forced me to become the “handy man.” From carrying the huge, 90’s, square, heavy, 32” tv from my room to my mom’s, making my own desk from Ikea, installing my own air conditioner, fixing the toilet, etc.  It sucks.  I don’t wanna fix the toilet.  I don’t wanna deal with the septic tank when it clogs up and there’s dirty shower water filling up the basement.  I don’t wanna be a handy man.

There are somethings in life that men are supposed to take care of.  My friend moved into an apartment and her dad came to install the air conditioner unit in her window.  I just sat there and stared and pondered about the simple things in life that men do for women, dad’s do for their daughters, brother’s do for their sisters, boyfriend’s do for their girlfriends, and what husband’s do for their wives.  They fix things.  They help them.

There is nothing stronger in a man when you see them mowing the lawn, fixing the garage, changing your flat tire, killing a spider in you apartment, using a power drill, or patching up a hole in the wall. 

These are simple things that your dad’s can probably teach you, so learn these things, because they are so important in life.  And if you already know how to take care of these things, I give you props.  I think it is so so rare in my generation and the lifestyle I live in.  Most have been able to pay someone to do all of the above, which is wonderful and good for you.  But, I think it’s even better when guys can take care of these things on their own.  Live Life and get dirty. 

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